We like to promote the projects, stories and organisations that we love on Wikifactory in the Featured section. We update this section regularly with Featured categories with the latest projects on Wikifactory with all the files and documentation you’d need to get started.

Our team chooses the featured projects based on the development phase, project documentation and use of our features.

Increase the chances of being featured with the following suggestions:

  • Quality documentation: Your project documentation should include all the information needed to replicate the project - including bill of materials, assembly instructions, step-by-step guides - and it must be properly organized.
  • Visual elements: Projects that include high-quality images and videos have higher chances of being featured.
  • Manufacturing files: All featured projects include updated manufacturing files and make use of features such as the collaborative CAD tool.
  • Complete user profile: A great project is always complemented by a great user profile. Complete your profile with an image, description and links to your social media to increase the chances of being featured.

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