Projects are the primary way Wikifactory users can develop products collaboratively or showcase creative work. They are together with Stories the two basic content types on Wikifactory.

What is a project?

A Project is a grouping of images, documentation, videos, and manufacturing models, that have a central theme, idea, or purpose.

Each project is identified by a unique project URL that you can use to share with all of your social networks.

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Project features

Projects have three different areas, each one with unique features.


Combine text, images, 3D models, and more to easily explain your project and idea. Learn more about how to document your project.

File Drive

You can easily add, rename, delete, and update files in your project. Keep them organized in folders, and check how the project has evolved thanks to the History Log feature.

Learn more about file management here.

Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is the place where all feature requests, tasks, and bugs are gathered. Issues can be organized via labels and assigned to collaborators.

Start a project

Before you start your first project, we invite you to check out one of Mekanika's projects for inspiration on documentation. If you have trouble creating your first project, visit our article on How to start a project.

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