What's the project documentation?

The project documentation (also called Readme) is the place where you include all the required information to understand and replicate a project.

To start documenting your project you just go to your project page and click on Start Writing.

The documentation is saved in a Markdown file named README.md that can be found in the root folder when accessing the Files Drive. You can create one documentation file (README.me) in each one of your project's folders. This can be useful when there's a large amount of information or you want to translate the documentation.

Text formatting

You can format the text on your project's documentation in different ways. The most relevant options include:

  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Titles (2 options available)
  • Code format
  • Quote
  • Bullet points

To format text you need to select it and choose one of the options from the menu that pops up.


Sections allow you to organise your project's content.

Add a section by clicking on the Create Section button that you will find below each text block. Learn more about Sections.

Changing the display order of sections is no supported at this moment.

What should the documentation include?

Consider adding some of the following sections to help you navigate through the project:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background and Research
  3. Features and Characteristics
  4. Bill of Materials (BOM)
  5. Assembly Instructions
  6. License
  7. Call to Action
  8. Notes

If one of your project's sections has too much information, consider creating an additional README.md file (documentation file) in a separate folder and linking to it from the main page.

Embedding files

You can add images, videos, PDF files, 3D models and more to your project documentation.

There are two ways to embed files:

  1. Upload from your computer: You select a file from your computer which is then included in the project documentation. This file will not be included in your project Files.
  2. Select from your project files: You choose one file that you have previously uploaded to one of your project's File Drive.

Note: It's highly recommended to embed files using the second option as it will help you keep all the documentation updated and organised.

To add a file to your documentation you need to click on the + button and then select which of the two options you prefer.

Learn more about Embedding Files.

Save and Contribute

Projects do not auto-save, so please remember to save your work from time to time.

After you finish working on your documentation and you've saved, don't forget to Contribute. Difference between Save and Contribute:

  • Save: Your work is saved locally and only you can see it. Any user or team member that checks the project won't see any changes.
  • Contribute: Your local changes are applied to your project and the new version is visible to anyone else with access to your project.

To contribute to a project:

  • Save the changes you've made to a project
  • Click on the Contribute button
  • Give the contribution a title and short description
  • Click on the Finalise button

Learn more about the Contribute feature.

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