When you contribute to a project, you're making changes to the project's content, which are then visible to your team members or the community.

There are several ways to contribute to a project on Wikifactory:

  1. Upload/Update files to your project's Drive
  2. Organise files into folders or rename them
  3. Update the project's documentation

How to contribute to a project

Even though there are many ways to contribute, they all share some common steps:

  1. Go to your project page
  2. Edit the content: update the documentation, upload a file...
  3. Save the changes: this is a local save, you're the only one that can see the changes you've made
  4. Click the Contribute button
  5. Add a contribution title and description. It will be included in the History log.

Reset changes

If you've made changes to a project and you want to discard them before contributing, you can simply click the Reset button. It will undo any local changes.

Local Changes vs. Contribution

If you update a project and save the changes, but you don't contribute, the changes aren't applied to the project. This means that your team members or the community won't see any changes. It would be as if you hadn't updated the project.

  • Local Changes: The changes remain local and only visible to you.
  • Contribution: The changes are made to the common repository and your team or the Wikifactory community can see the changes.

When you forget to contribute, a box will appear in the bottom left of your screen warning you that there are local changes that haven't been contributed.

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