The Files Drive is the place where all the project's files and information live. However, you can do more than just drag and drop files.

Create folders

If your project includes a large number of files and documentation, it's recommended to create folders to improve navigation through the content.

To create a new folder, go to your project's Files tab and click on the New Folder button. Once you've created the folder, don't forget to Contribute.

Rename folders and files

If you want to rename a folder or file in one of your projects, you just need to click on the Rename button that you will find on the right of each file.

Which folders should you create?

Consider creating the following folders to keep your project organised:

  • 3D models
  • PCB design and electronics
  • Software and firmware
  • Images and videos
  • Assembly instructions
  • Maintenance and common issues

These are the basic folders you may need. However, you should add as many folders as your project requires. A great example of file and folder organisation is the Smart Injector project.

Divide the documentation into pages

Each folder can have its own documentation. If your project has too much information for a single document, you might want to divide the Readme information.

To do this, use the documentation file ( inside a Folder to give information for that specific part of the project. Check the Smart Citizen Kit and see how documentation division looks like.

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