Keeping your files organised and updated is essential when developing quality projects. On Wikifactory, you can add, rename, delete and update files.

Add files

There are two ways to upload files to your project Drive:

  • Drag and drop: Easily upload files or folders from your desktop.

  • Browse: Select files from your device by clicking on the Upload file button.

Note: It's important not to upload .zip files. If you upload your project as a .zip file, it won't take advantage of our version control system. You should upload the unzipped version of your project.

Rename files and folders

Rename files and folders at any point by clicking on the Rename button on the right of the file in the Drive that appears on hover.

Delete files

You can always delete any file or folder by clicking on the Delete button (trashcan icon) on the right of the File or Folder in the Drive.

Update files

To update a file with a new version, all you have to do is upload a file with the same name and you will see that the new file replaces the old one.

Embed files

Embed your project's 3D models, images and PDF files in your project documentation. Learn more about Embedding Files.

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