A fork is a copy of a repository that makes free iteration possible without affecting the original project. That way, you can propose changes to someone else's project or use an existing project as the starting point for an own idea.

How to fork a project

Follow these simple steps to fork a project:

1. Find a project

All public projects on Wikifactory can be forked. It can be one of your own projects or one made by a different user or organisation.

2. Click on the Fork button

You can find the Fork button on the top right part of the project page.

3. Complete the project information

Choose the workspace where you want to develop the forked project. It can be your own account or an organisation. Also, you can rename the project or leave it as it is.

4. Start working on your project

Once you create the forked project, you can immediately start working on it. The project information and files will be there.

All forked projects include information on who created the original project and the history of prior contributions so you can track the evolution of both projects.

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