Our CAD Rooms allow you to securely view, share and collaborate on a 3D model or one of its components all-in-one place.


Each feature in our CAD Rooms opens up new possibilities for your workflow. However, the real power comes when you use them together.

Invite collaborators

CAD Rooms are built from the ground up to safeguard your data. Only the collaborators of your choosing can view or download files.

Real-time Chat

The chat feature allows you to leave comments, discuss design solutions and keep track of annotations and activity within the 3D model.

Component annotations

Have a question about a very specific part of the assembly? Don't worry, you can add annotations to any part so your team members can easily find it. Learn more about Annotations.

Assembly and geometry explorer

Check complex designs and evaluate individual components all in one place. Forget about checking separate parts and assembling in your mind.

Multiple solid view options

Are you having trouble checking models with the standard view? Don't worry, the CAD Rooms include four different view options: Default, Faces, Wireframe, and Edges.

Geometry finder

Isolate any of your model's components and analyze them one by one.

Cross-section view

See what's inside your model without hiding the enclosure and easily check sub-assemblies and tolerances.

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