The History Log explained

The History Log is a feature that can be found on all projects which allows you to track the evolution of your project documentation and recover old files.

Any changes made to a project remain a local save until you contribute. When you contribute, you add a title and description to those changes, which are then logged in the History Log.

Where to find the history log

The History Log can be found at the bottom of the Files page of your project.

How to review old files

With the History Log, you can browse, visualise and download previous versions of your files, as well as checking any changes that were made.

Review changes

Click one of the contributions and you'll be taken to the contribution page. There you will find basic information about the files and documentation that were included, modified or deleted.

You can also leave comments and discuss files and changes with your team members or the community.

Browse old files

To see a previous version of your Files Drive you need to click on the Browse button that you can find on the right part of each contribution.

You will then see the previous version of a project, including files and documentation. You can download specific files, and when you're finished, you can click on the banner to go back to the latest version.

Download old files

If you want to download all the files at a specific point in time, you need to click on the Download button that you can find on the right part of each contribution.

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