On Wikifactory, you can invite other users to your project if you hadn't done so during the project set up process.

How to invite someone to your project

To invite a team member or client to your project, click on the Settings tab in your Project.

You will arrive at the Member privileges section, where you will see a list of the Admins and Collaborators that are already part of a project.

Below each sub-list, there is an input field where you can invite another User by Username or Name. Enter the person's Username or Name that you wish to invite to the Project, and click enter.

You can also invite people to join a project using the Magic Link feature. This option generates a temporary URL that you can share with anyone.

If you share this link with someone that doesn't have a Wikifactory account, they'll need to sign up to access the project.

What's the difference between Admins and Collaborators?

  • Admins have full access to read/write any of the information or resources shared in the Project.
  • Collaborators have access and permissions like Admins but cannot Edit the Overview information about a Project.

If the project is public, any Wikifactory user has access to download the files as well as the Issue Tracker, where they can share feedback or join a discussion around an open issue.

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