What's a Story?

Our Story feature gives users and organisations the opportunity to share content that complements their projects.

This blog-based feature is perfect for event promotion, interviews, research results and other campaigns related to your projects.

How to tell a Story

To start, click on the + button at the right top of any Wikifactory page and select Tell a Story from the options.

This will take you to a blank new story where you can start writing and embedding images, videos and even 3D models.

Note: In order to be able to publish a story you need to add a cover image and write text.

Text formatting and media

The text formatting options and media import process are the same as the ones you find during project documentation.

Tip: Remember to always quote or link any references you had for your Story. You can add images and videos to illustrate what you are writing about. If you are talking about another User or Organisation on Wikifactory you can type @type_username_here or +type_organisation_here to mention them.

Where to share a Story

When you finish writing the story, click on the Publish button. A small window will show up asking you to choose a Workspace and Topics.

  • Workspace: You can always publish a story under your profile. However, if you're also part of an Organisation, you'll also have the chance to publish the story under the organisation. This way, the story will appear on both your profile and the organisation page.
  • Topics: You can also add up to 3 hashtags (Topics) to your story to increase visibility.

Once you choose a Workspace and add Topics, you just need to click on the Publish button.

Edit and delete a Story

You can edit and delete a story you've published by going to the story page and clicking on the Edit or Delete button.

How to write great stories

Creating content and writing is challenging for all of us. Check this article and learn how to improve the quality of your content: Tips: How to write great stories

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