At Wikifactory, we host the platform for our users to develop their projects and share portfolios, but we do not own the rights to any of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all projects free?

The public projects you can find on Wikifactory are usually shared under an open source license. You can make them yourself.

Each open source license has different requirements and limitations. Check the license details before resharing, modifying or commercialising a project.

If the license information is not available on the project documentation or if you have any question about a project, contact the project creator by opening an issue.

Can I buy a product on Wikifactory?

No. Wikifactory doesn't have a marketplace feature at the moment.

Some users that share public projects may also provide links to buy some the components or kits to make your own version.

If you're interested in buying or learning more about a project that doesn't have a link to buy, visit the profile of the user who created the project and try to contact them via social media or open an issue on their project.

Can I sell a product on Wikifactory?

If you are interested in selling products on Wikifactory related to a public project you've already documented and shared, you can link to your store directly from the project documentation.

Projects whose only purpose is to sell a product - including purchase links but no instructions or documentation - are not allowed. Check our Terms of Service or contact us

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