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This article collects a suite of resources available to you to understand intellectual property (IP) at Wikifactory and its content.

At Wikifactory we respect the IP of our users and we expect that you do the same.

Intellectual Property basics

Intellectual property is a complex area of the law that covers a whole range of things like copyright, trademarks, design and patents.

As a Wikifactory user, your main IP areas to understand will probably be copyright, trademarks and patents. To understand copyright check out our Copyright article. We've also prepared articles on Trademarks and Patents for you to understand how these three types of IP work as a whole.

In relation to Intellectual Property, there's an article on Open Source, which covers its implication in innovation and how it interacts with IP.


Here is a list of the IP resources available on our Help Center that may help you:

Intellectual Property infringement

If you believe that there's content on Wikifactory that infringes your intellectual property, please check our article on how to Report Intellectual Property infringement.

Still have questions?

Check our Intellectual Property FAQ and find answers to the most common question.

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