Wikifactory is more than projects and stories. With our Organisations feature, you can collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders and talented community members. So how does it all work?

What is an Organisation?

An Organisation is a page that usually represents a company, an open initiative, Fab Lab or communities interested in a specific technology such as Drones or AgTech.

Projects, stories and conversations can be published under the organisation by any of its members.

Each organisation is identified by a unique project URL that you can use to share with all of your social networks.

Organisation features

Role-based permissions

Enable organisation-wide collaboration and forget about inviting a new team member each week.

Keep sensitive work safe

Limit access where necessary and create a safe product development space.

Build your own community

Share projects and content under your organisation name, build your brand and a dedicated community around it.

Connect with innovators

Invite talented community members to join your organisation so you can work together.

Note: For now, the only way to join a project is by invitation, but we're looking to make joining other people's organisations a new feature. Watch this space. Until then, nothing's stopping you from reaching out to them on social media.

Set up an Organisation

How to set up an Organisation on Wikifactory:

  1. Sign in to your Wikifactory account.
  2. Click on the + button on the right top of any page.
  3. Select the option Create an Organisation.
  4. Complete the organisation's basic information.
  5. Click on the Create Organisation button.

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