Someone stole my idea

If you believe that there's content on Wikifactory that infringes one of your patents, trademarks or that makes use of copyrighted content, please check our article on how to Report Intellectual Property infringement.

How can I prevent my idea from being stolen?

There are many misunderstandings around projects and how they can be used. If you want to prevent your project from being used in undesired ways, we recommend the following:

  • Private projects: If your project is under development or if you're using patent-pending technologies or processes, we recommend creating a private project. This way, only your team will have access to its content.
  • Public projects: If you've shared an open project, we suggest adding relevant information about the license under which it has been shared and the restrictions that may apply.

Are projects with no license free?

No. Projects shared without explicitly mentioning an open source license are protected under copyright. Contact the project creator for more information about the project license.

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