If you have a discount coupon for Wikifactory paid subscription packages, here are the steps you have to follow to claim it. You can claim the coupon for yourself or your organization!

Note: to use Wikifactory for public projects will always be free, so the coupons are about discounts to our paid subscriptions for unlimited private projects.

STEP 1. Sign in with your Wikifactory account

If you don't have a Wikifactory account yet, you can sign in using Google, your email, or even your Fablabs.io user account. We encourage you to add as much information about yourself as you can, it’s the best way for the community to get to know you.

STEP 2. Head to your Settings page

To claim your coupon, you have to arrive at the billing settings of either your personal user account or that of your organization*. If you are going to use your coupon in your personal profile, follow these steps.

*If you want to use the coupon for your organization, click here

a) If you are claiming a coupon for your personal account, go to your settings.

The fastest way to get to your settings profile is by clicking on your user profile icon on the top right of any Wikifactory page.

b) When you have arrived at settings, click on the option in the left-hand column for ‘Billing’:

c) Now that you are in the Billing Settings for your profile, you can GO TO STEP 4.

STEP 3. If you want to use your coupon for your Organization, simply follow these steps.

*Note that if you are using the coupon as a user, you can skip these steps and go straight through to STEP 4. 

To apply a coupon code for your Organization, it requires that you have already created an organization on Wikifactory. If you have an Organization already, head to your organization profile directly.

If you haven’t created your Organization page yet, you can click on the + button on the top right of any Wikifactory page.

a) Click on “Create an Organisation”

For more information on how to set your Organization profile on Wikifactory, you can check our article here.

We encourage you to also to add as much information about your Organization as you can.

b) Once in your newly created or existing Organization account, head to ‘Settings’.

You can access the settings of your Organization profile by clicking on the ‘Settings’ tab.

c) When you have arrived at ‘Settings’ tab for your Organization, click on the option in the left hand column for ‘Billing’:

d) You can now follow through STEP 4 to claim the coupon!

STEP 4 - Claim the Coupon

a) Inside the ‘Settings’ page for either your Organization or your user profile, click on the option “Have a coupon?”

b) This will open a box, where you can add your coupon code provided and click ‘Claim’.

c) Check that the coupon is valid first! If the Coupon code is valid, you will see a banner appear at the top of the pop-up for Activating Subscription:

If the coupon is not valid, you will see an error banner appear at the top of the banner and that no discount has been applied:

d) Click on subscribe now and enjoy your subscription to Wikifactory!

Should you run into any issues in the process, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

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