In Wikifactory Marketplace, one of the process available for you to manufacture you part is CNC machining. CNC stands for Computer numerical control, as written code is used to control the machinery in the manufacturing of your part.

This process, mainly used for metallic materials, allows a broad range of surface finishings.

In our Marketplace you can choose between the following options:

  • As Machined: this means the part final look will be achieved straight out of the machine. Is the cheapest option and also the most accurate one.

    But in can show some cut marks and doesn't give your part any additional protection against corrosion or chemicals.

  • Polishing: the final aspect of your part will be a smooth, shiny surface with no imperfections. This not only enhances it appearance, but also prevents corrosion.

    • Mirror Polished: the smooth and shiny surface is achieved by mechanical polishing processes, like very fine grinding.

    • Electro Polished: an electrochemical process removes microscopic imperfections from the surface, leaving a perfectly smooth, shiny and clean look.

  • Blasting: another way to remove imperfections and smooth the surface is blasting. It removes the cut marks and leaves a matte or satin finish, but doesn't provide protection against corrosion or chemicals.

    • Bead Blast: this process releases, at high pressure, abrasive material beads to clean or finish a surface. The impact of these beads improves surface roughness and uniformity, and lives a matte finish.

    • Sand Blast: a high pressure tool throws sand against the part, smoothing the surface. It's faster and more impactful than bead blast, so it could slightly shape the underlying material.

    *Blasting can be used as a surface finishing or a pretreatment for other coatings, like anodising.

Take a look at this article and get ready to start manufacturing your CNC part: Our guide to familiarize yourself with CNC file formats

Always remember that when you submit an RFQ asking for any of the surface finish above, we will need the according Supporting Files to be able to make your part.

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