Once you submit your RFQ, the Marketplace team will receive it immediately.

They will get back to you using the RFQ chat in less than 24 hours (excluding Sundays, our engineers need to rest too).

If your RFQ is complete, they will proceed to send your part to the most appropriate supplier. Our suppliers usually take about 24 hours to get back to us with your quote.

But if for some reason we don't have all the required information to manufacture your part, we will need your collaboration to fully understand your manufacturing needs.

For example, some processes require supporting files or are not suitable for all production volumes (3D printing is great for fast prototyping, but injection molding requires a minimum of 2000 pieces to be profitable).

Our Marketplace team will be ready to help and assist you through the whole process until you find the best way to manufacture your part. This discussion usually takes one or two days, but we rely on your responsiveness to be able to solve it quickly.

As soon as we get all the necessary information, we will start looking for the best match to manufacture your part.

How to boost your chances of getting a great quote

Last but not least, it's very helpful for us to know about your needs and aspirations with your part or product more broadly to ensure you the best match possible.

That's why we would ask you to fill our Qualification Form, to understand your requirements and processes further and therefore, finding the most suitable quote for you.

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