Annotations on a 3D model allow you to describe improvements, part tolerances or manufacturing details.

Add annotations

Follow these simple steps to add an annotation to a 3D model:

  1. Click on the Annotate button

  2. Select the Annotate part option

  3. Click on the part you want to annotate

  4. Add a comment and click Send

Visualize annotations

Annotations are visible on both:

  • 3D model: The annotation icon is placed on top of the annotated part. You can see its content by clicking on the icon.

  • Chat: All annotations are listed on the chat as new messages. You can identify them as they are represented with the annotation icon instead of a profile picture.

To activate the chat go to the top right part of your screen and click on the Discuss button.

Hide annotations

If you have too many annotations on a 3D model, don't worry. You can easily hide annotations to focus on the 3D model itself.

To hide all the annotations:

  1. Click on the Annotate button on the left menu

  2. Select Hide all

If you want to see again the annotations, you just need to follow the same process and click on the Show all option.

Delete annotations

If you already saw an annotation or you answered a question, you can easily delete it.

  1. Click on any annotation on your 3D model

  2. Click on the Delete button (trash can icon)

Note: Deleting an annotation will remove the message on both the 3D model and the Chat.

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